Bren Named One of Nation’s Most Influential Home-Building ‘Power Brokers’


IF THE LATE DALE CARNEGIE NEEDED HELP WRITING AN UPDATE to his classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he could look to this group for help. Well, maybe they aren’t the best choices for instructions on making friends, but as far as influence goes, they certainly have proven adept at making things—big things—happen in home building.

When BUILDER’s editors gathered earlier this year to put together this list, we considered one primary measure: When these individuals speak, do other people listen? More important, do they act? Each of the professionals who made the cut left no doubts.

Some made the list as a direct result of being willing to take risks such as angering adversaries, speaking out against the status quo, and starting companies based on unproven ideas.

Others stood out for the effect their good works have had on the housing industry and those it serves. Still more made it by virtue of the money they move, directly or indirectly. Finally, we recognized those whose positions atop some of the nation’s biggest companies—even when compared to those outside the housing industry—have magnified their clout. These power brokers can point to many examples of their influence, and if the future is anything like the past, there’ll be many more to come.—M. Mariani